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Fashion Consulting & Marketing In China & Asia

Thanks for visiting my site and checking out services I offer! I’m a full-time blogger, writer, brand consultant, and social media marketer who is always open for new and interesting projects.

My main clients are in the fashion and chic lifestyle industry who want to reach the Hong Kong and China market. I’m bilingual so I can help you in reaching the Chinese market and the English speaking market here in Asia.

The best way to get pricing and a proposal is to contact me and my team and we’ll get back to you with questions and next steps to move forward.

Now, let me share a bit about each of these services.

Brand Image & Strategic Consulting For Asia Market

I recommend before you even start in Asia you should do a proper analysis of how your brand and product line will fit in the market.

Being from Shanghai, China I have fashion in my blood and understand deeply the thinking of the Chinese fashionista mindset. I will evaluate your current brand and product line in the Western market and give you an extensive review and analysis of how you should enter the Asia and/or Chinese market.

This is a one time, upfront project that is popular amongst my clients. You are not obligated to use my services afterwards and this valuable report can be used with your own marketing team or another agency. But I am confident if you’re looking for execution of the plan, my team can help you make it happen.

Writing & Blogger Product Reviews

Do you want to get more exposure for your fashion brand in China and Hong Kong? I would love to check out your product and give you my honest evaluation as a Chinese fashion expert.

I can write up a post with photos and my evaluation for my website or for your own brand or a guest website. As I am bilingual, I can help with both the English and the Chinese writeup.

Video is another thing we are investing heavily on and if that is interesting for you, I’d love to hear from you.


Do you need modeling of your products or services for the China and Asia market? I can do them personally, or consult with you to find the right model to reflect your brand in the Asia market.

After years in fashion shows and experiencing the runway around the world, I am confident to help you with your modeling requirements and brand image in the China market.

Social Media Marketing – English & Chinese

Social media is more and more important around the world, but I would have to say even more so in Asia! China especially has its own system and strategies, and I’ve been doing it for my own brand and others since 2007.

I have been quoted throughout the internet on Sina Weibo and Chinese social media, and am fully confident I can give you an expert analysis and implementation of your Chinese social media strategy.

If you’re interested in English Social media marketing in Asia, that is no problem as well. I have spent years in Hong Kong at fashion events and have relationships with many bloggers in English as well as Chinese.

Social media and fashion are a perfect match, and I’d love to work with you on growing your brand reach in the Asia market. Contact me and my team for a proposal of how we can help take your business to the next level in China and Asia.

I’m Excited To Work With You!

I hope there are ways we can work together. Maybe you have other ideas and would like to pitch me and my team, go ahead and contact us and we will get back to you promptly with our feedback and next steps.

When you fashion analysis, Asia, Chic Lifestyle, China think of Elle Icon Lee.

Whether you are ready now or later, I hope you keep up to date with my latest blog posts and videos to give you tips and insights about the fashion market here.